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Luxurious and sumptuous, our sheets are constructed to the highest standards assuring unparalleled comfort. The result is a buttery soft, extra strong, pill-resistant fabric that gets better with each wash.

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“Way back when we were running a flooring company, I travelled a lot. Hard work yes. Fun too. Only problem was that, all too often, I didn’t get a good night’s sleep.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t sleeping in my own bed that I didn’t feel quite comfortable between the sheets. And the pillows never felt great too. So, sometime in the middle of the night, I had a dream of making the best bedding on the planet” Mark Lorberbaum recalls.


Turning a dream into reality takes doing your homework to determine what’s right and what’s wrong out there. Certainly, the slavish belief that it’s all about thread count and Egyptian cotton is misleading. The name of the game is to create bedding that caresses your skin and enhances the elegance of your bedroom. Many factors blend to achieve this, but the application of unparalleled craftsmanship, using only the finest long-staple cotton in the world and employing beautiful Italian-inspired designs, is our doctrine.   


Success breeds success. Our next step was to apply our philosophy of excellence to mattresses, pillows and towels. Again, we did the homework only to find that the “bed in a box” mattress was merely constructed out of inferior foams with poor quality and bad designs – in an industry riddled with gimmicky “faux” technology with promises that fall far short of what is delivered. In contrast, we under promise and over deliver in our continual quest to redefine marketplace excellence.


In the quest to bring to market the perfect mattress, we decided to make ours in Italy where superb craftmanship and attention to detail are applied to the highest quality materials, designs and techniques. Science matters. Our mattresses are meticulously tested by independent labs to verify our superiority claims.



Our pillow in a pillow design, that combines an inner and outer chamber with different types of European goose down feathers in each for support and comfort, is a game changer. As mentioned, Mark found it hard to find the right pillow in all those 5 - star hotels. If you find it hard too, the answer is on your hand.


Finally, a word on our towel collection. Again, they began with thorough homework. And again, we found the same problems: poor quality, lack of differentiation and limited color selections. Surely people deserve better we thought. The script had to be flipped. Out with inferior quality, drab colors and uninspiring patterns. In with colors that are classic and vibrant with patterns that are exclusive. What’s more our towels and robes are made from the finest cottons with the highest gram weights to easily and luxuriously dry you off leaving you feeling great.



When you don’t spare any expense making the best of the best, it doesn’t come cheap. So yes, our products are reassuringly expensive. But rest assured they are purveyed without the middle man adding his 70% to 80% markup. So, go ahead feel the elegance.

Double Pillow Design

Feel the comfort


Feel the elegance


From our yarn-dyed fabrics that ensure colorfastness, to    sewing our seams with a lock stitch and using mother-of-pearl buttons, the promise of superior craftsmanship is guaranteed.

60 day, no-hassle return policy

At the Elegant Strand, quality is our top priority. We want to provide an easy, enjoyable shopping experience while providing the best bedding in the world. Our products are guaranteed with our 60 day, no-hassle return policy.  


Feel The Elegance

We use only super fine long-staple cotton that are at least 1 3/8 inches in length, which is twice combed and then ring spun
into silk-like fine yarns. Guaranteeing the strongest,
yet softest yarns and producing a smooth and
supple weave.

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