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Feel The elegance

Luxurious and sumptuous, our sheets are constructed to the highest standards assuring unparalleled comfort. The result is a buttery soft, extra strong, pill-resistant fabric that gets better with each wash.

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Feel the comfort


Feel the elegance


From our yarn-dyed fabrics that ensure colorfastness, to    sewing our seams with a lock stitch and using mother-of-pearl buttons, the promise of superior craftsmanship is guaranteed.

60 day, no-hassle return policy

At the Elegant Strand, quality is our top priority. We want to provide an easy, enjoyable shopping experience while providing the best bedding in the world. Our products are guaranteed with our 60 day, no-hassle return policy.  


We use only super fine long-staple cotton that are at least 1 3/8 inches in length, which is twice combed and then ring spun
into silk-like fine yarns. Guaranteeing the strongest,
yet softest yarns and producing a smooth and
supple weave.

Our Story


Hello, my name is Mark Lorberbaum and I am the Founder and CEO of Elegant Strand.

The story of Elegant Strand has its roots in my first career as part of the Mohawk Flooring family. Born in Dalton, Georgia, I went from crawling to walking in my family’s carpet mill. I learned how to distinguish between carpet weaves and weights before I learned how to drive. That tactile, design driven sense, already a part of my DNA, was awakened in me long before I reached an adult.


For over 16 years I traveled the globe looking for the best products and manufacturers in the flooring industry. I fell in love with the Italian factories that valued craftsmanship and quality over profit and price. Their designs and attention to detail made me realize that their zest for beauty and excellence allows their creativity to extend deep into their businesses. This philosophy of blending art with science and a passion for perfection has become the calling card for Italian made goods. As I decided to enter the bedding business, I knew that I wanted to offer the best sheets in the world, using the finest materials and employ the Italian philosophy to produce other great products such as blankets, towels, pillows and mattresses. In 2016, using Italian inspired designs, we sourced the best cotton in the world from India and had our first sheet collections produced there. Utilizing the principal of straight from our factories to our customers, we created the most efficient supply chain in the industry, delivering unprecedented value, quality and craftsmanship. 


Our Artisans

Our factories span the globe. We go wherever the best materials and manufacturing exist. Our mattresses and pillows are made in a workshop located in Italy, near Naples. The towels and bath robes are constructed in Portugal and our bed linens are produced in India using the finest cotton.

Our vision


No intermediaries and no wholesalers.

So no excessive margins. It's just between you and us. And this is what allows us to offer you a quality product at an affordable price. Welcome to the Interior Design of the 21st century.

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