About Us

  • Elegant Strand was created to give consumers access to the finest bedding products in the world. We wanted to create a fun and simple shopping experience for our customers to acquire the most luxurious and softest bedding available at a great-value price.

  • Since we are the manufacturer, importer and retailer, all of the middlemen and storefront markups are eliminated, passing the savings directly to our customers. We control the supply chain, insuring the highest quality and eliminating inferior materials and manufacturing.

  • We searched the globe looking for the finest cotton in the world and found it in two areas. For our 350 and 560 (280 2-ply) thread count sheets, we use cotton from the Annur region of India. India produces ultra-fine, long-staple fibers, which are twice combed and ring spun into silk-like fine yarns. For our finest 500 thread count sheet, we use Supima cotton grown 100% in the USA. Supima cotton is known for its strength, softness and color, producing a smooth and supple weave.

  • We pay attention to the details. Every step in the process from the type of materials we use, to the way we package our products is presented to our customers in five-star, luxury style. From our couture inspired sheets to our duvets, all of our bedding features high thread counts, superior weaving and colorfast fabrics. Each stylish sheet, duvet, blanket and bedding accessory is crafted from deluxe materials to ensure long life and cloud-nine comfort.